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Hardware development is a complex, multi-disciplinary, capital intensive process that has traditionally gained infamy as a high risk/cost endeavor. This can largely be attributed to the inherent material costs involved as well as old linear development methodologies which are still widely used.

RIOT borrows from well established Agile methodologies in the software development world and adapts these to enhance the hardware development cycle.

This results in accelerated development time, resilience to changing customer needs, and overall risk reduction.


A considerable barrier to entry in the deployment of enterprise IoT solutions is the need to continuously develop, scale and maintain custom hardware/software (particularly for end-node devices) while seamlessly integrating into existing IoT networks and platforms.

We provide a highly concurrent development process that leverages multidisciplinary, cross-functional teams to deliver custom hardware/software solutions within the constraints of a fast moving IoT environment.

We provide engineering services that aim to reduce this barrier while reducing risk, total development cost and time to market.


RIOT works closely with various division within your business (including marketing, engineering, IT and operations) to comprehensively understand your’s and your customer’s needs throughout the development process.

We employ rapid prototyping techniques to test and verify functionality early in the process, and we live by the philosophy of: ‘Show me, don’t tell me’ .

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